Monday, July 15, 2013

Avengers Assemble

This weekend I started putting together the rest of the Dire Avengers I'm going to need for the list for Nova. Thankfully I bought a bunch of DA when I was converting my Jetbikes so I don't have to purchase more and get screwed by GW. The reboxing price increase is just ridiculous, I might be able to accept it if they re-sculpted the model and maybe added something more in there but nope. Just the same model, 50% less plastic for 90% of the price. If it came down to it and I was short I would have broke out the old metal minis, stripped them and repainted. Maybe I should have, I really hate building these guys. haha They are a ton of little bits and will take you many stages. Which then puts me and the glue together too long, sadly my nose started to run yet again after messing with it.

Sadly the bits took me awhile to clean, I think I spent like two hours scraping and filing.

I have them all built and ready for primer. I need to get these guys all done up for sure as they will be my main troop choice. I'm not looking forward to painting 15 of these guys though haha.. I'm better at doing solo mini's at a time. Large batches start to be come more of a task.. 8) So now I have a bunch of Spiders and Avengers to get finished. Whoot.. batch painting is in my future!

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