Friday, December 30, 2011

I've cut your arms off...

I got a little more work done on the DC troops and was cleaning up the Mark V Assault troops when I realized they were missing arms. Six arms to be exact. But thankful they are only arms and I will just have to raid the bit box for them.. still! I want all my arms Forgeworld, Thank you very much! I've also started to re organize my pics on picasa, it appears I have a bit too much in one gallery and take forever for it to actually come up now haha.. oh well. I'm going to split each army into their own gallery.

You can notice the pile of only four arms in a pile.. one bag was fine but the other was six arms short.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Asurmen is all finished up .. well other then his banner pole but I still have to figure out what I want to hang from it so that will wait. Pretty happy with him, I ended up going with the orange to white blade to go a bit throw back to the 2nd Ed Codex cover. Airbrushed it and then blended it more with inks. At the bottom of the images I posted the pics of him all mummied up in the Parafilm if anyone is interested in seeing it in use. Pretty easy to use and he didn't get any over spray at all.

On a side note, posting a little late as i got in a game today. My friend Sean is thinking of putting together a BT army and he proxied it today. I wanted to see how the Eldar would hang against the Witch Hunters and the Eldar pulled off a strong victory. I'll be writing up a BattRep but I still need to finish up the one for the game against the Daemons.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The backdrop has been set.. or at least started

I started getting some colors on the Diorama backdrop. So far not too much done other than spraying the tiles and walls then brushing the rubble and i-beams. Still a ways to go haha

For Christmas I scored pretty big.. I ended up getting the SM Megaforce and a bunch of Forgeworld pieces. Namely.. the Relic Contemptor, 10 man Mark V Assaulties, Death Korp HB Team, and some bolters. WHoot ! ..  I got them all desprued and ready .. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Load up!

After I figured out which decals and where to place them (from the Baal) so I finished up the Rhino. I added the decals and the BA icon to the door. The the most weathering I've done and I think I said it before.. it takes a long long time. It does finish the look though and for a diorama it's worth it. But for table pieces don't go overboard! It's hard to clear and can come off way too easy.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Chop Chop Chop

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas or Happy whatever you celebrate! Not much done just some base color on the DC's

Friday, December 23, 2011

Shooting, Burning, Stabbing, Hammering..

A little work done on the DC. With Christmas quickly approaching mini time is limited. But I'm off for the entire week so I'm hoping to get some stuff done.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The smaller ones are more deadly..

I finished up the Striking Scorpion I was working on and I’m pretty happy with the finished product. I wanted to give him more of a stealth look then the standard Day-Glo green and I think the purples gives it a bit of an insect carapace look. I didn’t want it to be iridescent just a little reminiscent of it. I didn’t notice it till last night but wow the original SS’s are so much smaller than the newer minis. They are tiny guys haha.. The latest sculpt isn’t too bad so I might pick up some of them.. I think they are the only aspect I like from the new sculpts.  Though I have enough stuff to paint and Eldar CC is worthless so I might wait till next year.

On that note.. I’ve been seeing all the rumor’s pop up about Eldar. So far I haven’t been impressed but I guess they are going to promote the new stuff. But they are just talking about new this and that but I want to hear how they are going to fix the issues they have now and want to see how they will make worthless units viable again. Taking any Eldar CC is just a waste of points these days, they don’t have the punch they need to be useful against most armies.
Banshees – Yeah it’s nice they all have PWs but with Str and T 3 with a meh 4+ save they aren’t going to do enough and after that first round they are dead. And that’s even if they make it into combat. They wouldn’t need much, give them Furious Charge. Fixed. Or make the mask/shout not require a morale check which almost everything in the game will pass. And Ini boost is nice but Eldar already have one of the highest so no real gain. Make it lock the charged unit, they make no attacks or only 1 per model..

Scorpions – They get 4 str and a 3+ armor save but again they don’t have enough of a punch to be viable. They have a good bit of first round attacks but with most armies having good armor they aren’t going to wipe them out typically. Maybe give them two handed chainsabers that give them +2 Str or something that allows them to wound on a 4+. Lose attacks but have something that can do some DA in CC, cost could also be raised.
Transports – The biggest issues is no assault vehicles. You have to slog to the enemy and they usually aren’t going to just let you run up on them. So you’ll get picked apart on the way. And if you fly over and sit and wait a round to hop out and assault you have to weather a round of shooting. Peeps inside getting hit with Str 4 hits when it explodes hurts with T3 plus Wave Serpents aren’t cheap; sacrificing them isn’t something I want to do. Give us a cheaper delivery system.

Just some of my views on it. They don’t need much, just a little love.

I also built the frame around the Diorama. Not much more than the addition of some plasticard.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I let him come closer. I have only one bullet. I aim at his eye.

Pathfinders/Rangers being one of my favorite models I’ve been wanting to do something cool with one. I also like the Manufactorum and thought it would look cool to paint up the Pathfinder with Cameleoline Cloak in full operation. I was thinking about it and wanted to go with a sort of Predator look, I’m going to paint up the backdrop and then paint that onto the Pathfinders cloak. At least that will be my goal haha.. hopefully it turns out how I envision it. Either way I’ll have a cool backdrop for some pics once I’m done.
I picked the Pathfinder in the shot because it has the most body coverage and I think it will give the best chance of matching what’s behind him. I also want other parts to stick out so you can still see him but not clearly.
The Manufactorum has pretty slick designs on the walls so I went with them. It should offer some cool metallic looks. I also added a barrel from the battlefield items.
The tiles are plasticard as well as the I-beams. I added a little rubble and damage. I’ll have to add some standard plasticard to the edges to cover the wood sticking out then I’ll prime it up and start painting on the background stuffs..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yum yum give me some..

I was doing some serious work last night ..  making oatmeal cookies ..  tonight will be sugar cookies ..

I know you're jealous ..  8)

Finished the Stern guy the other night.