Monday, December 5, 2011

Your book is OVERDUE!

The Librarian is finally finished! He came out looking pretty good and as I normally use a Librarian it will be nice to have the HQ of my army done. I’m happy with the BP and JP, the metals came out looking good as well as the energy pod. It takes a while but I’m happy with the look of wings, now that I have a tech for them they do go by quicker than before. I’ve realized that taking pics of your mini’s can help a lot, I just noticed I forgot to attach the little book from his left shoulder. I guess I’m not really done haha. Shouldn’t take long to finish that up and then attaching it. One weird thing in the pics is you can’t really see his eye lens. They are yellow and though I did mute them a little more than normal they are quite visible in person. Oh well.

A Vehicle Wrecked marker I made the other night. Around Halloween I purchased some of the battery/tealights and thought this would make a cool wrecked marker. The next day looking around online I saw two of them haha.. Going to make a few more to have enough for a standard game but this was the test one. Future makers will probably be a little bigger. When I started making it I really had no idea how big of a chunk to tear off. I’ll also shape it a little more but I’m happy with it for only taking about me 5 mins.

I think I’m going to paint up another Ranger or maybe a Scorp next, I have a cool idea I want to try on the Ranger. If it turns out should be cool.. either way the next model is going to be very dark. My Scorps are going to be black with purple highlights. Never did understand why they are 80’s neon green, that doesn’t really scream stealth.

“Hey Bob?”
“All’s pretty quiet here but there are like ten dudes in bright green armor sneaking up on us”
“Well if they aren’t making any noise it’s nothing, ignore them”
“Yeah, I was thinking the same. Who sneaks up on you in Day-Glo?”


  1. Great looking librarian. You did an excellent job. The vehicle markers are great. I made 3 large ones and 3 small ones a few years back. They were great fun. Everyone in our gaming club loved them. It became a sort of ritual for each player to have the pleasure of placing one on the vehicle which he had destroyed. Particularly when that vehicle had annoyingly dangerous and difficult to kill. I think you will enjoy them.

  2. Thanks, 8) Yeah I was thinking it would add to the table experience and I know what u mean . Nice to see a vehicle that has been a pain go down and with these u can smile every time u look at it.