Monday, December 12, 2011

My fist, your face .. thats how this is going to go.

I only got a little done on these two guys. This weekend I was pretty busy with all the prep work for my daughter’s birthday party and then the party. I got some of the blending done on his armor and some other reds but the gold isn’t any where near done and looks a bit crazy right now. Depending on what goes on tonight I’m going to try to clean up the gold on him (for some reason it really looks nuts in the pics, doesn't look as crazy in person. The in between blending really shows up) but I also want to finish off the HB Team. And I want to get Asurmen done but I’m still figuring out what I want the blade to look like. If it keeps up it’s just going to be blue and say done with it.

The DC guy I did some of the base colors and a little blending with the red when I was working on the Stern/Honor guy but otherwise now much on him.

Last night while laying on the couch I did desprue a DC box, Ravenwing Bike box and a Deamon Prince. I need to get a DC squad together and the bikes/deamon is for a diorama I’m going to be working on soon.

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