Thursday, December 29, 2011


Asurmen is all finished up .. well other then his banner pole but I still have to figure out what I want to hang from it so that will wait. Pretty happy with him, I ended up going with the orange to white blade to go a bit throw back to the 2nd Ed Codex cover. Airbrushed it and then blended it more with inks. At the bottom of the images I posted the pics of him all mummied up in the Parafilm if anyone is interested in seeing it in use. Pretty easy to use and he didn't get any over spray at all.

On a side note, posting a little late as i got in a game today. My friend Sean is thinking of putting together a BT army and he proxied it today. I wanted to see how the Eldar would hang against the Witch Hunters and the Eldar pulled off a strong victory. I'll be writing up a BattRep but I still need to finish up the one for the game against the Daemons.

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