Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I let him come closer. I have only one bullet. I aim at his eye.

Pathfinders/Rangers being one of my favorite models I’ve been wanting to do something cool with one. I also like the Manufactorum and thought it would look cool to paint up the Pathfinder with Cameleoline Cloak in full operation. I was thinking about it and wanted to go with a sort of Predator look, I’m going to paint up the backdrop and then paint that onto the Pathfinders cloak. At least that will be my goal haha.. hopefully it turns out how I envision it. Either way I’ll have a cool backdrop for some pics once I’m done.
I picked the Pathfinder in the shot because it has the most body coverage and I think it will give the best chance of matching what’s behind him. I also want other parts to stick out so you can still see him but not clearly.
The Manufactorum has pretty slick designs on the walls so I went with them. It should offer some cool metallic looks. I also added a barrel from the battlefield items.
The tiles are plasticard as well as the I-beams. I added a little rubble and damage. I’ll have to add some standard plasticard to the edges to cover the wood sticking out then I’ll prime it up and start painting on the background stuffs..

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