Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside..

I only got about 45 minutes of table time last night so I worked on the IG guys and blended some of the gold on the Stern. The HB Team is almost finished, I added a bit more “rust” to the gun and blended some of the leather a little more. The snow got a little love but it still needs some more as well as some mixed grass. Shouldn’t take too much longer and they’ll be all done up.

Only about 5 more minutes on home boy …

And it’s Merry Christmas to me! .. I have to wait until Christmas to get it but the wife picked me up the mega force, so I’ll be working on starting up the Dusk Wolves. It will be a long time coming though, I want each guy to be converted or at least serious thought put into their pose and equipment.

De-sprued the DC Box, bikes and added them to the bit box. But I’ll be starting on getting that DC squad built up and kitted out next week.


  1. The mother load!! Nice Xmas gift!! I'm looking forward to watching this project from inception to completion.

  2. Yeah I'm pretty stoked about it.. hopefully it doesn't take me forever haha..