Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I've bled fools for less..

Worked on the Sang Priest a little last night but I’m not really feeling his pose anymore, too static and standard. So that’s making it really hard to want to finish him. I do like the DA robes but I think the walking forward legs are the only really nice looking legs in the batch. They may be better for DA bracing to unleash some plasma death but wide leg stance doesn’t have a very fluid look to them. I’ll get him done but then I’ll probably work on another one that has a little more ….. I don’t know ..  awesomeness or something.
I’m also almost completely done the Stern dude ..  I need to finish the teeth on the chain sword and some of the other details (mainly his gun that is still annoying me, I used the oro metallics on it then cover with game color and for some reason they had a crazy reaction to one another. Had to actually sand his face guard some) on him not to mention figuring what I’m going to write on his scripts. But I think he is coming along, also have been trying to be quicker on him so we’ll see how that goes. 

I have so many plans in the works it’s hard for me to stick to one. I’d like to get some of the rank and file guys like standard Assault Marines and Dire Avengers done but they just don’t call to me haha .. but I think the next time I know I’m going to have a long stretch at the painting table I’m going to try to get them moving.

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