Thursday, December 8, 2011

Till the end of days ...

Asurmen moves a little closer to being finished. I worked more on the armor and some of his detailing, gems, metal and his crest. I'm still in debate on what I want to do with the sword. I started a blue fade on it but as he's already mostly blue I'm not sure I want to go that route. He's pretty close to being done, final details and what not still left to do. I was pretty tired so I didn't get to work as long as I wanted to as my daughter has been sick and she keeps waking up with a stuffy nose.

I did mess with a Scorp as well. I'm thinking this is the colors I'm going to go with but I need to fade the purples a bit more. Though I'm liking the coloring and may darken the purples a bit more. I feel a sneaky scorpion would prefer the dark suit.

I'm still pretty exhausted so I'm finding it hard to write much. My brain just isn't working with me. 8)

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