Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Show me what you got!

I’ve been slowly working on getting the rank and file BA guys done, need to be a bit quicker to get them finished up. These guys are above average table top for me I think, more could be done but I want to get them done. Last night I finished two Stern/Tach/Assault guys. I need to finish up at least 10 of them so the Tach Squad I usually run will be complete.
The first guy I wanted to give the feeling that he was reaching for his combat knife. As if the fight is getting close and he’s getting ready to switch over too CC mode. Sometimes when I look at him I think he does and others I feel like he’s missing something. But either way I’m happy with him, the wings and gems came out nicely I think.

The second guy is magnetized so he can be either Tac/Stern or Assault and you know meltas are aways nice to have in any squad. I took one of the DA helmets from the Vet Pack and filed the sword on his beak to a blood drop. I gave him a Termie Crux shoulder pad thinking that if he could fill in where ever he deserved it. Plus I’m sure they’d give out the special weapons to the guys that earned it. I forgot to paint the bottom of the base black in the pictures. Again taking pics help you notice anything you may have missed.

Also finished up this guy’s blade. I left it plain while trying to think of what to do with it, gave it a little tarnished/rusted look. We all know a rusty blade hurts more!