Thursday, December 22, 2011

The smaller ones are more deadly..

I finished up the Striking Scorpion I was working on and I’m pretty happy with the finished product. I wanted to give him more of a stealth look then the standard Day-Glo green and I think the purples gives it a bit of an insect carapace look. I didn’t want it to be iridescent just a little reminiscent of it. I didn’t notice it till last night but wow the original SS’s are so much smaller than the newer minis. They are tiny guys haha.. The latest sculpt isn’t too bad so I might pick up some of them.. I think they are the only aspect I like from the new sculpts.  Though I have enough stuff to paint and Eldar CC is worthless so I might wait till next year.

On that note.. I’ve been seeing all the rumor’s pop up about Eldar. So far I haven’t been impressed but I guess they are going to promote the new stuff. But they are just talking about new this and that but I want to hear how they are going to fix the issues they have now and want to see how they will make worthless units viable again. Taking any Eldar CC is just a waste of points these days, they don’t have the punch they need to be useful against most armies.
Banshees – Yeah it’s nice they all have PWs but with Str and T 3 with a meh 4+ save they aren’t going to do enough and after that first round they are dead. And that’s even if they make it into combat. They wouldn’t need much, give them Furious Charge. Fixed. Or make the mask/shout not require a morale check which almost everything in the game will pass. And Ini boost is nice but Eldar already have one of the highest so no real gain. Make it lock the charged unit, they make no attacks or only 1 per model..

Scorpions – They get 4 str and a 3+ armor save but again they don’t have enough of a punch to be viable. They have a good bit of first round attacks but with most armies having good armor they aren’t going to wipe them out typically. Maybe give them two handed chainsabers that give them +2 Str or something that allows them to wound on a 4+. Lose attacks but have something that can do some DA in CC, cost could also be raised.
Transports – The biggest issues is no assault vehicles. You have to slog to the enemy and they usually aren’t going to just let you run up on them. So you’ll get picked apart on the way. And if you fly over and sit and wait a round to hop out and assault you have to weather a round of shooting. Peeps inside getting hit with Str 4 hits when it explodes hurts with T3 plus Wave Serpents aren’t cheap; sacrificing them isn’t something I want to do. Give us a cheaper delivery system.

Just some of my views on it. They don’t need much, just a little love.

I also built the frame around the Diorama. Not much more than the addition of some plasticard.

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