Friday, December 2, 2011

Get Back!

Last night I was trying to get the Librarian done and he pretty much is. I need to do a few touch ups and spray him with matte. I cleared him with satin to give him some protection but he has mucho sheen (winning!). Then I applied a decal to his left shoulder which was a pain even with Micro Sol. I had to snip it to fit around the plate and for some reason once section just wouldn’t go flat. So I had to let it dry overnight and applied more Sol to the shoulder to get that last wrinkle out. Tonight I’ll touch up the few areas and then matte him. Hopefully the Sol will have killed the wrinkle.

Since I had the time in between screwing with his shoulder I added some more color to one of the sternguard/Tac that was sitting on my table. I just added some metallic and some red. It should take too long to finish him and his buddy up.

And a little more on Asurmen but not much.

I’m going to start posting some old campaign stores and battreps up here. I’m going to move them off an old site as I’ll be deleting it and figured peeps might be interested in reading them.

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