Thursday, July 13, 2023

The First


A little more variety .. Some Dark Angel bikers. These are the bikers that came in the old DA boxset a few years ago and are mostly two main pieces joined together. Then add the arm with bars and backpacks. That's really about it. 

My friends birthday was a few days ago so I figured I'd hook him up with a few painted models. I trade for these guys (pre-built sadly) and had to do some work to get them looking mostly clean then start to work on them. I filled some gaps with Mr Surfacer to get the seams out and fixed some of the wacky pieces. Two arms and bars were really off and I had to pull them and fix.

I added a wing to the Sarg's right shoulder pads and I think it looks pretty cool. Otherwise they are pretty standard to the release. 

There were a few touch ups I need to do after these pictures but it wasn't too much. But they are now all packed up and ready to travel to their new home.