Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mor is Better..

 This weekend I got seven dudes complete.. well almost. I don't know if it's just the way the camera took the pics but some of the blue glow doesn't look right. But when looking at them in person they seemed fine. Maybe I'll go over them again with a couple of washes to smooth them out. I've been working on the Apoth and the Praetor/Cent for a bit and I wanted to wrap up the combi Mor Deythan squad so this weekend I put in the time to get them close to completion.
 I think the squad came out looking decent but I do want to add a little more fatigue to the barrels of the combi's. When I started adding weathering I thinking I might have brought them down a little too much. You can see the blue and purples in there but it's very light.

 The squad looks good with the combi weapons and the plasma gun. I like the look of them with the Sniper Rifles as well but I think these guys looking like they mean business. They are ready to murder some enemy leadership!
 They got the weathered digital camo look to go with the existing look..

 The Apoth is almost done but sadly when I reached for my Tamiya red to add blood spatter I realized it was dried up. When I clsoed it last it must not have completely sealed .. other then I couldn't finish up some spatter it was pretty old and almost empty anyway. I'll have to stop my the hobby store or order some.. I want to add some gore spatter added to the apron and his Narthecium (maybe a bit on his shoulder... maybe). I usually mix Tamiya Red Clear and Smoke together to make a very realistic spatter look.
 I also noticed I forgot to finish up the yellow lens on his backpack so I'll need to add a few details and reflections.

 I also finished up the Praetor/Cent, I just chopped the Crozious and added a blade to give him the sword option. I'm in debate on ordering the FW Praetor but I don't know if I want to spend the extra money at the moment so this guy might be getting the job for one but I'll need another for the events I'm playing.
 I'm not too happy with how the plasma pistol looks in the pictures but it seemed fine in person. So when I get home I'll be taking a deeper look to make sure doesn't look all jacked up.
I kept going with the realistic look and I think they look solid. I'm just not sure how well they pop. I'm so use to Eldar units that are like BOOM here I am haha.. Well ..  7 more guys done .. 35 or so more guys to go. I"ll probably put together a four month NOVA count down soon putting together what I have done and what I still need to do.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


 Hey all..  It's been a rough couple of weeks so I haven't really been able to get to the painting table much. Illness and moving rooms around in the house and painting rooms has tired me out so I've been chilling when i can and worked on a few more pieces for my complex/Space Hulk layout. I just wrapped up the prison hold and I think it came out looking good. I only have a few more rooms to finish designing and then I'll cut the entire layout and get some test games in!

Used a Termie to show some sizing 8)
I haven't been completely slacking on the Raven Guard. The infantry is all together and the first level of blends are done. I"ll start putting in the details and then get to blending!

Friday, April 7, 2017

So many Marines..

 This week I've been trying to get my list figured out and then build up the infantry I need. So right now on the table is 5 Mor Deythan, 5 man Seeker Squad, 20 Tac and 10 Vets. It's a ton of marines to work through but they need to get done. I've never painting a complete army in a few months time. My Eldar have been ever expanding for numerous years. Alot of my other armies have been half done and then I move onto something else. It's a pretty large task..
I need to add arms, heads and backpacks to 10 of the Tacs but they'll all be built at that point. I may have to make a few more guys to fill some spots but these should be the rest of what I will have to have. Taking me up to

10 - Dark Fury
10 - Mor Deythan (5 w/ Sniper, 5 w/ Combi's)
10 - Vets
5 - Seeker Tac w/ Meltas
20 - Tacs
1 - Apoth

I'm still tweaking the lists here and there as I have a bunch of events to play. The Opening Salvo, The Escalation and the Team event with Greg.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

White hot plasma ..

 Last night I started building up some of the infantry. I worked on the second Mor Deythan squad, they are going to run Plasma heavy. This MD squad will have one round of some heavy fire, the four MD have Combi Plasma and the Shade has a full Plasma Gun. The MD have a special rule that allows them once per game to get TL and Rending. So on that turn it will be popping their one use Combi's to unleash some serious death.
 This squad of MD I used the Vet backpacks to add a little extra panache.
 I was looking through the lists and I'll be going with one squad of Tactical Support squads with all Melta. I'm not going to have a lot of armor popping ranged guns so these guys will be my hope for knocking out heavy armor. It's all or nothing and gives me the feels of Fire Dragons 8) ..  I'll be painting these guys up gun free so I can get the details done on their chest. The MD Plas squad can also have a chance to pop some vehicles but I'm probably looking to go Termie hunting with them.
 I have 10 other dudes started but still haven't figured out what they will be. haha
A pic of the Apoth I've been working on. I need to do a little more work on him then it will be weathering time and work on the power sword.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Get to the nurse

 It was a hectic weekend and though I did get a lot of other stuff done there wasn't a lot of painting finished. I've been working on a Space Hulk setup. I've got most of the corridors mostly done and wanted to make up something you'd walk to haha.. so finished up the Med Lab. Well mostly finished .. I have two things I want to touch up.
 But went with a sliding circle entrance to mix up the standard doors.
 Added a lot of detail and made up Acrylic med displays which tables in the four bays.
 I put in the Apoth I've been working on for sizing

 I still need to put in the center locks for the door but that's one of the last things I need to wrap up.
One of the things that annoys me about pieces that lock together like this is that they slide around if bumped so I made tabs and locks to hold them in place which makes me happy haha...  soon I should have a pic of a larger layout.

As for painting stuff this weekend I worked some on the Storm Eagle and wanted to start getting the Infantry together but I realized I really need to figure out what I want to build. So last night while cutting these buildings I sat there and just starting building lists. Sadly some of the things I thought I was going to use are now up in the air. It's much tougher for me to build a 30K list. I really want to keep the RG feel which they are depleted but in 30K it seems like larger body counts are a thing. I'll be using a lot of their special units and snipers since that just seems like their thing. So I have the start of a plan and I know at least a few of the units I'm going to build haha.. so I'm just going to start there and then keep working on lists 8)