Thursday, October 29, 2015

DreadTober: PumpKan Complete!

 My DreadTober work is now complete. Though while taking the picture I did notice I missed a few of the green lens .. haha..  oh well. It's done for now. I added all the stringy gooeyness last night.. it was quite fun to do. At first I was getting a little nervous but as I went it ended up being pretty fun to do and get some nasty looking results.
 I originally was going to make an in progress pumpkin and a carved one that I could swap in and out but sadly that couldn't be done if I wanted to have gore transfer from pumpkin to saw. I think the gore came out looking cool and I'm pretty happy with it. It's a mix of hot glue and string gel. I still couldn't find anything that worked right for seeds..  so for now they'll have to wait.

 I added a little more flock to the base as I felt it was still a little too sparse. So I added some more pumpkin vines, leaves and soil .. Now I feel it has the correct amount. Sadly my old light box is being used as a spray booth in my new setup and it's making pics look a little off. I'm going to break down and pick up a decent one soon..

 I'm really happy with the weathering and how this came out.. it's definitely one of my most detailed models and I got to try a ton of new weather techniques. So I'm rating this a complete success. 8)

The turn out for DreadTober has been awesome..  it's great to see so many people throw down the gauntlet and take up the challenge. There has been a ton of awesome Dreads completed in the name of the competition! I hope everyone has as much fun as I did making this up and seeing everyone's creativity. The hobby is large and diverse... it's cool to really see how diverse. I love seeing the things people come up with that I would never think of...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

DreadTober: Pumpkin Guts

 This weekend I started adding some of the pumpkin gore .. I added some splatter to the buzzsaw arm and body mostly as I figured that would be where most of the mess would be. I put down some torn shells to look like he's been at it for a little bit 8)..  I'm going to mix in a little lightered areas and I think I'm going to run some glue strands.
 I've add some to the cut pumpkin and that is getting closer to being done. I think one more solid session and I'll be all done up.
 I've had a good time painting this guy up and he's allowed me to work out some new techniques which is awesome. It's nice to work on a project and get a lot out of it !!! 8) Fun, a cool model and a few more techniques under your belt ..
 I've got a bunch of terrain to get painted so this after DreadTober I'm going to be rocking and rolling on terrain. We are sponsoring a Tournament in two weeks and we are going to setup a board using the new Gantry System I made up. But I want to get it all painted up so it looks decent !! .. yay for deadlines haha

Friday, October 23, 2015

DreadTober: I have arms!

 Last night I worked on getting the Kan closer to completion. I put in a solid two hour concentrating on getting stuff done. I wanted to be close on to done on the Kan which I'm happy to say I am. He will still get a little more light weather.. streaks and grim where I feel it needs it.
 Now it will come down to getting the pumpkin guys done!

I'm pretty short on time to day so it's not a lot of words from me haha 8) .. Hopefully next week I can finish up the pumpkin guts and get that all squared away! And then he'll be all done up.. 8) .. Keep those Dreads going .. we are in the final stretch now!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

BMD - Cigars.. or something 8)

 Last night I cut the final prototype test fit. This building will have multiple designs.. This is without a front roof but I'm going to have one with a roof and one with a balcony. I've made different interior designs as well.. so now it will be time to add the final details and start cutting with the production MDF.
 This building will be for Malifaux but all my models were in the display case so Johnny Techmarine is filling in for Scaling 8)
 The building breaks down per level so you can access the first and second floor. The second floor and roof are removable. You can see some of the details added... the flooring and the window frames. The finished building will have added sills and frames for the windows and doors.
 I glued it together quickly and didn't get my rubber bands. I usually you bands or clamps when gluing to get the best look.

 Sry for the rough gluing .. I couldn't sleep last night so I just glued it together and took pics..
 I worked on the steps for awhile trying to make them work. There seems to be an odd balance or lack there of actually. The steps either look right or they work for models to stand on them. I tried to make them work and look cool but the tread / riser combo you need to make it work does look good so I came up with this. (sry the top pick is a little blurry) I made a base support that slides into the steps so you can have steps that looks good but you can also put a model at a certain level. The final version will most likely be clear acrylic so it's not as noticeable.
 I think this is the best combination.
I have a few final fixes I need to do and then add in the details.. so getting close with this building 8)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DreadTober: MO Stuffs

 I got a little work done on the DreadTober work .. I've been trying to spread my time with the lasercutting stuff. But I started playing around with the pumpkin in'Rds .. I had to play around with the amount of string gel and paint .. it was full on experiment mode but I got the mixture so now I'm ready to pumpkin gut up. Though that will be the final step.
 I added more flocking to the base to get it more fall looking..  I'll be adding earth colored powers to the ground, Dread and flocking..  I did soot up the stacks a little and a few other areas..
 I also worked on some of the blue areas..  the lens on the Kan and on the turret that I had completely missed and sadly had to navigate around ..
I played around with the Blue Oxide but also overlaid it with a lot of other colors. I want to finish up the arms and get them ready to attach. Once they are done I'll be soldering iron'n the pumpkin to get the gashes I want then I'll be splashing on the pumpkin guts! It's getting close.. A couple more sessions I'm hoping and it will be mostly done 8)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Span it

 Over the weekend I put in more time to get the Gantry System and it's about 95% complete. I only have to touch up a few pieces and then it will be ready to sell. So we'll be adding it up to the shop which should be opening soon.. hopefully. The Gantry pieces are 9 inches long so you can cover some area pretty quickly. The pieces above stretch almost 3 feet.
 I added in a bunch of details into the gantry pieces and the supports. I added the ladder to the sides of the supports. I was originally going to have it separate like the tower but after testing it went better as being a part of the structure.
And here is some of the details from the towers and walkways. I'm pretty happy with them. I'm going to paint up this setup so it can be seen as painted.
I also worked a little on test fitting the new Malifaux two story building. This one will be a lot more detailed. It will also have a version with a front balcanoy and side steps and maybe internal steps. We'll see.. working on designs is taking most of my free time these days.. and after going out to eat with a friend we thought up a bunch of other new cool ideas. Sheeshh..  8)

Friday, October 16, 2015

DreadTober: Check One Two

 Last night I logged onto the Hobby Hangout hosted by Mike over at Mini Mayhem and worked on the Kan and more on the base. Greg worked on his bricks a bit while Mike had a battle to pick the right colors, he figured it out and the results came out looking awesome. Check out his post ..
 I worked on the base more and the shoulder checkers. The Kan was looking pretty plain so I figured checkers would liven it up and I wanted them to match the teeth on the front. The Ork flyer I'm working on will also be Goff (thanks Greg for the info) and figured it would be good checker testing. It's also for Halloween so black and orange are kind of the thing ! I think the checkers came out looking pretty cool..  I hate painting them but they look like what I had in my head .. even if I miss colored a patch or two which had to be repainted haha but the end product came out looking good.  I think at least 8)
 I also spent time working on the pumpkins and all their muddy goodness. I painted the pumpkins green and layered orange over it to make it look like the pumpkins are ripening. I then added yellow highlights.
 I added a bunch of mud and muck to the pumpkins.

 I also had to paint the leaves so they weren't just green leaves. I highlighted and veined them then I went back and added dark green for the shadowing. I think the leaves look very good and pretty happy with them.
Lastly I started chopping and attaching the pumpkin to be carved in the claw. That wasn't too bad but I then realized the pumpkins I was going to use to cut up are actually only styrofoam and sadly wouldn't look right so I don't know if they are going to be usable. So I'll have to Green stuff some or just skip it. I guess that will depend on time. With all the Laser Cut designing I've been swamped with that taking up my free time.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Black Maria Designs

No DreadTober updates today but I've been busy.. Sean from ( and I have started a Laser Cutting business. We are currently working on designs and should have them up on out site soon. We'll be selling Terrain, Paint Racks, Templates and Tokens. 

The site is underconstruction but we are adding to it. I've been working on a Tower and Gantry System lately and it's been keeping me busy .. designing.. cutting .. fixing... designing .. cutting ..  you get the idea haha

  The Tower is almost complete, there are just a few final touches I'm working on.
The Tower will connect to the Gantry System, I made it so the walkways can connect to each of the sides and extend out. It can be used solo or it can be connected to the walkways (it also has guards when the walkways are attached I just didn't take a picture yet). The dark MDF is just test and not the final cuts, it doesn't have any detail designs added. Just the cuts. Hopefully by the end of this or the next week I'll have the complete system done. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

DreadTober: Basetober!

 This weekend was super busy and like I had mentioned in some comments I knew my month was going to start getting very hectic. Our new Laser Cutter came in so it's been a lot of setup and design. I'll be posting more about that shortly.... but.... this about Dreadtober ... or should I say Basetober at this pint haha...  my pumpkins came in so I wanted to start gettin the base knocked out.
 I glued the turret down and started to add streaking and mud and dried dirt. Then I figured I better get to work on the pumpkins and flock..
 I started to add some normal flocking but then figured I better to save it for later. I wanted to get the pumpkins finished up. Let me just say that while the pumpkins look cool they are made out of some very waxy plastic. I files and sanded and de seamed..  oh yeah and dremeled ..
 Then I started to try and paint them .. wow..   it was prime and clear .. prime and clear .. and prime and clear and still was rubbing the paint off. So I had to stop airbrushing them and glue them down so I could actually brush them. So the blends on the pumpkins is going to take longer then I expected haha..
Next I started to added in some of the pumpkin patch leaving .. It's just a start and there are no highlights on them .. I've only added two of the stands in this shot .. I'll probably be adding in at least two more strands. Then it will be blending on the pumpkin and leaves then I'll add some dirt and mud to the flocking..  The base is coming along. Hopefully I can get it done by the end of the week.