Monday, October 19, 2015

Span it

 Over the weekend I put in more time to get the Gantry System and it's about 95% complete. I only have to touch up a few pieces and then it will be ready to sell. So we'll be adding it up to the shop which should be opening soon.. hopefully. The Gantry pieces are 9 inches long so you can cover some area pretty quickly. The pieces above stretch almost 3 feet.
 I added in a bunch of details into the gantry pieces and the supports. I added the ladder to the sides of the supports. I was originally going to have it separate like the tower but after testing it went better as being a part of the structure.
And here is some of the details from the towers and walkways. I'm pretty happy with them. I'm going to paint up this setup so it can be seen as painted.
I also worked a little on test fitting the new Malifaux two story building. This one will be a lot more detailed. It will also have a version with a front balcanoy and side steps and maybe internal steps. We'll see.. working on designs is taking most of my free time these days.. and after going out to eat with a friend we thought up a bunch of other new cool ideas. Sheeshh..  8)

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