Tuesday, October 13, 2015

DreadTober: Basetober!

 This weekend was super busy and like I had mentioned in some comments I knew my month was going to start getting very hectic. Our new Laser Cutter came in so it's been a lot of setup and design. I'll be posting more about that shortly.... but.... this about Dreadtober ... or should I say Basetober at this pint haha...  my pumpkins came in so I wanted to start gettin the base knocked out.
 I glued the turret down and started to add streaking and mud and dried dirt. Then I figured I better get to work on the pumpkins and flock..
 I started to add some normal flocking but then figured I better to save it for later. I wanted to get the pumpkins finished up. Let me just say that while the pumpkins look cool they are made out of some very waxy plastic. I files and sanded and de seamed..  oh yeah and dremeled ..
 Then I started to try and paint them .. wow..   it was prime and clear .. prime and clear .. and prime and clear and still was rubbing the paint off. So I had to stop airbrushing them and glue them down so I could actually brush them. So the blends on the pumpkins is going to take longer then I expected haha..
Next I started to added in some of the pumpkin patch leaving .. It's just a start and there are no highlights on them .. I've only added two of the stands in this shot .. I'll probably be adding in at least two more strands. Then it will be blending on the pumpkin and leaves then I'll add some dirt and mud to the flocking..  The base is coming along. Hopefully I can get it done by the end of the week.

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