Tuesday, October 27, 2015

DreadTober: Pumpkin Guts

 This weekend I started adding some of the pumpkin gore .. I added some splatter to the buzzsaw arm and body mostly as I figured that would be where most of the mess would be. I put down some torn shells to look like he's been at it for a little bit 8)..  I'm going to mix in a little lightered areas and I think I'm going to run some glue strands.
 I've add some to the cut pumpkin and that is getting closer to being done. I think one more solid session and I'll be all done up.
 I've had a good time painting this guy up and he's allowed me to work out some new techniques which is awesome. It's nice to work on a project and get a lot out of it !!! 8) Fun, a cool model and a few more techniques under your belt ..
 I've got a bunch of terrain to get painted so this after DreadTober I'm going to be rocking and rolling on terrain. We are sponsoring a Tournament in two weeks and we are going to setup a board using the new Gantry System I made up. But I want to get it all painted up so it looks decent !! .. yay for deadlines haha

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