Friday, October 2, 2015

DreadTober: Mucking around

 Last night I kicked off my DreadTobber work and got a good bit done... So lets get to it.. Here is where I ended at last night and will most likely be his positioning on the base. It may get adjusted a little..
 Thankfully the base had dried and I could start to paint it up. I wanted to make it a little reddish brown so I went with a terracotta base and added some lighter browns. I'm sure I'll have to modify it as I go but for right now it's a good start. I'm still waiting for the pumpkin patch vines to come in and then I can tune it a bit more.
 Next I started to base the turret with it's rusty goodness. I want it to be completely busted and abandoned looking so I went very heavy. I also broke out the heat gun and warped the barrel a bit. Tonight I'm going to add the green color and chip the hell out of it 8) .. Once that's on there I'll add a strip and some numbers then start scratching them off.
 Since I didn't really want to rush the chipping (was getting tired) I started getting the Kan ready and mostly together. A lot of it will stay apart so I can paint all of the details.There are some pieces I might chop to make it look correct but sadly all the awesome detail does make it harder to chop and fit haha.. oh well I'll figure it out.
 Here he is resting nicely on the busted and bent cannon. I'm pretty happy with the look of it so far and it's what I had envisioned. So far at least haha.. there is a lot to do..
And here is the giant pumpkins I have. They may be a little too big but in a way that might work. I don't know.. I have two other pumpkins things coming in.. one in HO scale and the other in O, hopefully one or a mix of both or even all three will give me the correct look.

DreadTober keeps growing which is pretty awesome. I can't wait to see updated pics/posts coming out. I know John is waiting for his stuff to arrive and Greg is starting his role of brick layer (for his lay out) .. I've read some of the ideas out there and they sounds very cool..  last night I put Army of Darkness on and then Sleepy Hallow to give me some of that Halloween spirit. Tonight or tomorrow will probably be some Evil Dead.. 8)

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