Monday, October 5, 2015

DreadTober: Shiney and Chrome

 This weekend I didn't get a ton of work in but I did get base Metallic paint on there and some weathering in the form of grime. I don't want to make the Orky walker super rusty, there will be a little bit on them but I want them to be more greasy and grimey.
 Right now it's just the base of the Kan.. it will be having some color here and there but mostly it's going to be greasy metal and black. I'm going to chip it up some and add in a lot of other metal colors.
 I want to add colors and bronzes .. I'll be adding in some blues for metal that is/was heat affected. I have most of my stuff spec'd out now and I know where I'm headed. I think .. hah.. well I should.
 Tonight I'm hoping to get some more painting done on the Kan and the Rusted turret. I'm hoping my pumpkin sets come in soon so I know exactly what I'm going to do for the base.
I've been seeing some of peoples workings being posted and they are looking awesome.. except for Greg who is slacking 8P .. stop slacking Greg haha.. I'm kidding of course .. there is plenty of time. So if you haven't started yet there is plenty of time!

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