Thursday, October 22, 2015

BMD - Cigars.. or something 8)

 Last night I cut the final prototype test fit. This building will have multiple designs.. This is without a front roof but I'm going to have one with a roof and one with a balcony. I've made different interior designs as well.. so now it will be time to add the final details and start cutting with the production MDF.
 This building will be for Malifaux but all my models were in the display case so Johnny Techmarine is filling in for Scaling 8)
 The building breaks down per level so you can access the first and second floor. The second floor and roof are removable. You can see some of the details added... the flooring and the window frames. The finished building will have added sills and frames for the windows and doors.
 I glued it together quickly and didn't get my rubber bands. I usually you bands or clamps when gluing to get the best look.

 Sry for the rough gluing .. I couldn't sleep last night so I just glued it together and took pics..
 I worked on the steps for awhile trying to make them work. There seems to be an odd balance or lack there of actually. The steps either look right or they work for models to stand on them. I tried to make them work and look cool but the tread / riser combo you need to make it work does look good so I came up with this. (sry the top pick is a little blurry) I made a base support that slides into the steps so you can have steps that looks good but you can also put a model at a certain level. The final version will most likely be clear acrylic so it's not as noticeable.
 I think this is the best combination.
I have a few final fixes I need to do and then add in the details.. so getting close with this building 8)

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