Friday, October 16, 2015

DreadTober: Check One Two

 Last night I logged onto the Hobby Hangout hosted by Mike over at Mini Mayhem and worked on the Kan and more on the base. Greg worked on his bricks a bit while Mike had a battle to pick the right colors, he figured it out and the results came out looking awesome. Check out his post ..
 I worked on the base more and the shoulder checkers. The Kan was looking pretty plain so I figured checkers would liven it up and I wanted them to match the teeth on the front. The Ork flyer I'm working on will also be Goff (thanks Greg for the info) and figured it would be good checker testing. It's also for Halloween so black and orange are kind of the thing ! I think the checkers came out looking pretty cool..  I hate painting them but they look like what I had in my head .. even if I miss colored a patch or two which had to be repainted haha but the end product came out looking good.  I think at least 8)
 I also spent time working on the pumpkins and all their muddy goodness. I painted the pumpkins green and layered orange over it to make it look like the pumpkins are ripening. I then added yellow highlights.
 I added a bunch of mud and muck to the pumpkins.

 I also had to paint the leaves so they weren't just green leaves. I highlighted and veined them then I went back and added dark green for the shadowing. I think the leaves look very good and pretty happy with them.
Lastly I started chopping and attaching the pumpkin to be carved in the claw. That wasn't too bad but I then realized the pumpkins I was going to use to cut up are actually only styrofoam and sadly wouldn't look right so I don't know if they are going to be usable. So I'll have to Green stuff some or just skip it. I guess that will depend on time. With all the Laser Cut designing I've been swamped with that taking up my free time.

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