Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The big ones are actually more dangerous..

In addition to the Wave Serpent I'm also working on an Eldar Super Heavy. The Scorpion is a very cool looking tank and I saw one painted up at Nova so I really wanted to get one painted up. It's all filed and sanded and I'm going to paint this as I paint the Wave Serpent since the colors will be mostly the same.
The Wraithguard I built up is also in there as he needed some priming as well.

 It was a pretty good haul for me this year and I got a bunch of things to paint. Besides some of the 40K mini's I got I also got some Malifaux stuff. I wanted to start a Molly crew so asked for some of the things I'll need to make that crew work. I also asked for the metal Molly model for the time being but hopefully she'll be coming out in plastic soon.
I also got the new Blood Angel Codex which has some nice stuff in it but it's also a little sad that it lost at lot of it's originality. I can at least now stop hearing my friends cry about assault marines as troops haha.. and for me it seems that the assault marine will be ruled out now so the staple from before will be bumped. The way GW usually works it, the Vets will be in a lot more for me and so will the DC. I liked them before but now they can score and will be very destructive. It's not bad but just isn't all that exciting. To me at least...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tricked out ride..

 Back to work .. Hobby work that is .. 8) My wife picked me up a Wave Serpent for Christmas which I wanted to tweak to make it look stand out. It will also be the first one I paint with the more detailed scheme. Forgeworld has the type II version and I liked that but I liked the Warp Hunter's bits a little more. So I wanted to convert the Warp Hunter's back to fit the Wave Serpent. It required some hacking and cutting but it's coming along. I need to pick up some more Liquid Green Stuff to clean up some of the areas. I used a "Mr. Surfacer 500" on it but wasn't really thick enough to cover the seams I was trying to hide.
 The Warp Hunter fins look very cool and that is want I wanted to use so they will be on there. Now they are just attached with blu tack.
 I'm leaving this mostly apart so it's quicker and easier to detail and mask. I'll be blending the back after I get the back smooth and complete.
The top shot shows the seam and a little section that needs to be sanded down. Next week I should be back to the full post schedule... this week I'm off watching the kids so I'm getting some stuff done at night but posting time is limited haha.. they are taking naps now so I hopped on the computer.. now I'm going to check out some blogs .. I've been almost complete off the blog grid so as not to tempt myself away from the tasks I needed to complete haha..

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa's Elf...

 All the toyboxes are finished up and ready..  well they still need stain and clear but that will have to happen after Christmas. I am so happy to have these done haha...this was a lot of work and I wasn't sure it was going to get done when the family was pretty much down for the count sick for two weeks.
 My Son's has three sections of Star Wars.. Darth in silohette, Darth's Super Star Destroyer the Executor and his custom Tie Fighter .. so pretty much everything Vader 8) .. which he says is his favorite... he is learning well 8)

My Daughters is Frozen because pretty much every little girl is in love with it.

My Niece is a flower design that I figured would be lasting but I didn't glue the backs in so they can be replaced .. I'm already thinking of making a more detailed one for my son.

 An inside shot .. with bump stops so it doesn't slam and hopefully not smash any fingers.

 Rubber feet on the bottom so no damage or scratching..
And here is a bunch of pictures of the glue/clamping process. they didn't come in the width I needed so I had to glue all the boards together to get the width I wanted..  that took up a week of just prep work..

 But they came out decent .. some needed some sanding .. sadly I don't have a plainer 8( ..
I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with them and I hope the kids enjoy them..  now... I my room is empty and my major tasks are complete. I'll be able to paint some hobby stuff again .. 8) So posting should go back to the norm soon..

I hope everyone has a great Holiday! ..

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas time is quickly approaching ..

 Christmas is almost here and the end of my other tasks as well ..  This past month has been filled with Holiday events and sickness .. lots of sickness sadly but when all that wasn't happening I've also been working on the toy boxes for my kids and my niece. They are almost done. My Son's box is mostly done .. just have to mount the hinges. And the other two are now ready to mount the backs. I was hoping to stain them but with sickness eating up two weeks there's no way that will happen now. After Christmas I'll stain them up..
 The two were were gluing last night so today they will be ready to wrap up. I have over 20 clamps and I've used every single one on these haha... it's crazy. I still needed about 10 more ..
Thankfully I should be on schedule for completion! .. After Christmas is over I'll need a whole day to get my painting room back in order. That room has been jammed with decorations, presents and toy boxes.. I couldn't have painted even if I had the time.. So soon I should be back in the normal mix. 8)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Frozen Wars

 Tomorrow is my Daughters birthday and we are having her party at the house. It will be a Frozen Princess party.. I know you are excited but also jealous. haha.. I thought it would be cool to make the kids all some sort of ornament. Besides my Son there will be a few boys that will be coming along with there Sisters so I wanted to hook them up. I made all the boys a Star Wars Ornament with their names on it. But for my boy I made the Rebel and Imperial symbols.. I think they came out pretty cool..  I showed them first so people weren't like Frozen Ornaments ?! wtf.. haha
 But..  for the girls I made them all an Ornament with Elsa on it. I think they came out looking pretty cool. Jocelyn will also get an Anna .. it's her birthday and hey she's my kid 8) .. Every little girl seems to love Frozen and with it being a Frozen Princess Party I thought it made sense..
 I also made some snowflakes which I cut out of blue trans plexi and tonight I'll be handing them from the ceiling so when she comes down in the morning they'll all be hanging up.
This weekend I'm going to cut some more stuff for Christmas but I'm also going to cut the storage compartment that will go under the paint rack. Hopefully I'll have some pictures ready to show next week.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tier it Up...

 I hope everyone has had a good start to the Holiday season and haven't already started getting stressed out. I've been busy as of late on non hobby related stuff, honestly I haven't even been on in Internetz much. But this weekend I had to cut some stuff for my Daughter's birthday party and I had extra time on the laser so I cut the tiered rack I was working on. I wanted the tiered rack for models and paints so I was trying to combine them together.Originally I wanted it to be in the larger rack as well but there was no decent way to combine them together.

I combined almost three whole shelves to one with the rack. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks and once it's painted it should really look good. I'll be making at least two more to hold additional models.
 I cut the first paint rack with larger holes to see how it worked and for me they are a little too big. But this would hold 60 paints, this will fit GW and P3 paints plus some others. I'll be making smaller holed shelves for Vallejo and Golden which will then hold more paints. I haven't made up those shelves yet to know how many but I'm thinking at least 5 more per level.
 On the small back shelf I added holes for your brushes, files or tools of the correct size.
 Here is a few of the as I put it together pictures. It didn't take too long and when dry is crazy sturdy (due to awesome designing! well probably more for the crazy power of the Gorilla Glue). I figured out a few things I'm going to add to make it even more sturdy but because. It's just a few things and thankfully the first cut was completely successful.
 Tiers for the solid model steps ..
 In process of building..
 Empty paint racks..
 Here is a better shot of the paint brush or tool holder section..
I had to get more MDF and then I had to cut it down to size to use it in the laser cutter. That was over an hour of total awesome fun. No one else was available to help me cut it on the table saw so I had to be careful not to cut off a finger .. so .. fun. You know.. for kids..

Monday, November 17, 2014

Chop chop chop..

 Not much to report, this weekend was pretty full and as Christmas quickly approaches my time will be spread even thinner so I expect posts will be a little sporadic. I have some construction I'll be working on and I also have some laser cutting I'll be working on so that will be taking precedence over painting time..  Not to mention family time.. Christmas is one of my Favorite times of the year and with kids the calendar is almost full!

But,...  This Black Templar has been sitting on my table for awhile so I'll be trying to finish him up. I went through and started to get all the base colors on him. I'm going to paint up his Ax with the airbrush and give it some energy looks but wanted to get the base colors on there. The skin and cloak is blended a bit but that is really it ..

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ancient Treads ..

 Last night I got the Death Company Rhino wrapped up. I've been slowly working on it and I mean slowly haha.. Other projects kept jumping in front of it but I've finally knocked it out.
 I added some wrapped up chain to the ram prowl on the front to give it a little more character and rusted it all up. I pretty much tried to make all the other parts of the tank other then the armor look like it's been rusting for quite a while and has kicked up or blended down onto the tank it'self.
 I finished up the design on the top hatch and lettered it with Penance.. I figure they would think it would be such for falling to the thirst.
I blended grey in on the tank but didn't want to go overboard with it and also blended in some rust colors.
 The black background really makes the rust colors stand out .. a little too much in some of the areas but I wanted some of the ares to stand. out.

It's nice to have this bad boy finished up and off the table. Now I'll move on to getting the Venoms done some of the Malifaux peeps have been sitting and waiting. I want to knock out some more Blood Angel stuff as well but I do have a bunch more Eldar stuff calling my name. I need to get cracking on the Wave Serpent repaints so I think I'll be starting on at least on of them soon. So many things to paint .. so little time to get them painted..

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Constructed Undead..

 I finished up the D-Scythe Wraithguard last night, they have been moved onto the finished shelf. So the first five of the twenty are done..
 I cleaned up the gems and wraithbone.. blending them out and what not. I added a little more color to the guns and added a little energy bleed over .. I didn't want then to be too out there as the rest of the model has a lot of colors already added in..
 Finished up the bases with the leaves and a little highlighting..
 Added a blue energy to the back vents..
I think they look pretty solid and now I just have to get the rest of them together and started. I want the Wraithblades to be more fluid so I'll be working on them next and they will take a little longer to get together. I'm going to play around with an ax design next.. well next when talking about Wraithguard.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Dead Guard the Living..

 I worked on the rest of the Guard over the weekend.. the purple blend takes a hell of a lot of time.. It took awhile when I was just working on the one so I knew it was going to be time consuming.
 I still have a little more to do on the purple but it's almost completely done. I'll have to clean up the bone on the back and shoulders..
 Next will be the stones and guns.. I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do on the guns but I want to add a little bit of something. Some energy on the barrel and work on a little highlights on the body of the guns I suppose.

 I took a pic of the start of the blend. I'll start by painting on the highlight color on all the areas I'll be working on and then start to go back into the blend working with the paint wet blending each. It works well for me when I'm starting dark and then going lighter. I'll be happy when I have these five knocked out but sheesh... I have 15 more to go haha..