Monday, November 10, 2014

The Dead Guard the Living..

 I worked on the rest of the Guard over the weekend.. the purple blend takes a hell of a lot of time.. It took awhile when I was just working on the one so I knew it was going to be time consuming.
 I still have a little more to do on the purple but it's almost completely done. I'll have to clean up the bone on the back and shoulders..
 Next will be the stones and guns.. I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do on the guns but I want to add a little bit of something. Some energy on the barrel and work on a little highlights on the body of the guns I suppose.

 I took a pic of the start of the blend. I'll start by painting on the highlight color on all the areas I'll be working on and then start to go back into the blend working with the paint wet blending each. It works well for me when I'm starting dark and then going lighter. I'll be happy when I have these five knocked out but sheesh... I have 15 more to go haha..

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