Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ancient Treads ..

 Last night I got the Death Company Rhino wrapped up. I've been slowly working on it and I mean slowly haha.. Other projects kept jumping in front of it but I've finally knocked it out.
 I added some wrapped up chain to the ram prowl on the front to give it a little more character and rusted it all up. I pretty much tried to make all the other parts of the tank other then the armor look like it's been rusting for quite a while and has kicked up or blended down onto the tank it'self.
 I finished up the design on the top hatch and lettered it with Penance.. I figure they would think it would be such for falling to the thirst.
I blended grey in on the tank but didn't want to go overboard with it and also blended in some rust colors.
 The black background really makes the rust colors stand out .. a little too much in some of the areas but I wanted some of the ares to stand. out.

It's nice to have this bad boy finished up and off the table. Now I'll move on to getting the Venoms done some of the Malifaux peeps have been sitting and waiting. I want to knock out some more Blood Angel stuff as well but I do have a bunch more Eldar stuff calling my name. I need to get cracking on the Wave Serpent repaints so I think I'll be starting on at least on of them soon. So many things to paint .. so little time to get them painted..

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