Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Marking your territory..

While cutting this weekend I wanted to cut some bases for my Wraithguard .. I think they came out looking very cool but I think they are a bit too busy for bases so I think they will be used as objective markers instead. I'll probably cut them in Acrylic too and see how those look but with these being in Birch it makes them stand out and also makes them easier to paint or maybe even stain. I was thinking they might look cool being stained and sealed.

Last night when I got home I had a few minutes to get a little painting done.. like 30mins so figured I'd spray the gunmetal on the Venoms I've been working on but sadly I realized I was completely out of Gunmetal paint .. that sucked..  I also realized I had left paint in my Badger Airbrush..  double suck..  So I spent my time cleaning my brushes and then sat down to paint some of the Wraithguard. Well .. I painted three lines and then the kids arrived home haha.. so no painting. Been pretty tied lately so crashed early but hopefully tonight I'll get some stuff done. I'll probably stop by a LGS to pick up the paint I need to so I can knock out the Venoms.

When I was cutting I also made a few water troughs for Malifaux scatter terrain.. I'm going to increase the notches so it takes up the whole side section.. right now there is a little extra left and I think it stands out.. So I'll change that up..  So many things that need doing haha..

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