Monday, March 16, 2015

In case of a burnout..

 So.. we all get it from time to time.. but lately I've had a case of burnout and haven't been wanting to push painting and going into full burn. I know I'll be working on a ton of stuff since NOVA is coming up in a few months away. It jumps up on you so quick.. it seems like it's still a ways off but don't let that fool you. So I have been working on the Wraithblade a little as I'm having fun playing around with him. I have been blending here and there on him and have been doing a little light reflection on his legs and feet from the base and the weapons.
 You can see a little of the reflection here.. right now I still have the gloss clear on it do there are a lot of reflections on there. I have been playing with the blends with the brushes instead of just going full airbrush on them. I need to go back and line with the white on a lot of the areas, mainly on the weapons and leg reflections.
I have him standing on the base and will be adding another layer of lighter blue. I have the base colors in on him and the mid blends but need a little more. The blend on the front foot areas are a little light because I don't want the axe glow to overpower. He's pretty close to being done or at least getting to the final stage. I need to hit off the gems and a lot of final details.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

You're quite base..

 I have had these bases sitting on my spray table for awhile and figured I'd knock them out. I really want to start getting stuff knocked out. These will be the bases for the Wraithblades and either the Wraithseer or Wraithlord I plan to work on at some point haha...
 I wanted this base to look like the raised section has lights in the pillar that would light up the stairs. I plan to start working on the Wraithblade's body and I'll be adding a little glow to the section to the leg where it's near the light to make it look a mo special .. 8)
I think this guy will come out looking pretty cool .. Maybe I'll take a little break from the tank for a week haha..  I'm tired of painting them at present. But it is what it is... 8)

But as to the tanks and their blends .. I've had a few people ask me what colors I use on the tank blends. I haven't listed them as it becomes kind of tough as we probably all use different paints and I actually use many brands. I'll go to the art store and if I see a brand that looks promising I'll pick it up to  give it a try. But here's the colors that I use on the blends..

French Blue - Vallejo Air Color (VAC)
Ultramarine - Comm Art (CA)
Cobalt Blue - Dr PhMartin (DPM)
Royal Blue Trans - CA
True Blue - DPM
Titanium White - Golden

They are the base colors but I've made numerous mixtures of those.. As I go along and need to light or darken an area I'll make a blend but the two main blends I've made and bottled for extended use are probably the French Blue and White about 1:1:1 with thinner. and the same for the Ultramarine and White. Once I have those I'll add another color to shift the hue if need be to make the transition smoother. Hope that helps 8)

Monday, March 2, 2015

To the meat of it..

 The past week was a rough one but I did get some time to actually get some stuff done. I wanted to actually make some progress so I just picked up the Wave Serpent to try and knock out a good bit. I got a good ways into it now and now I really need to go into the detailing of the details. I'm a little sad about the tail section, The surfacer I used shrank a bit and broke up some of the smoothness of the blend so that kinda burns me a bit. I'm not going back now though so moving forward.
 I glued the fins on and glued the turret together (the guns and guards are magnetized) so it's getting more solid. I haven't glued the body together yet as I have to attach the interior magnet for the front turret. Right now that's just sitting on the desk. I'm going to add a bit more detailing so some of the metal areas and need to get busy on the gems. I added some black and bone around the front vents but I think I'm going to paint bone over the black areas to make them stand out a bit more and add some more of the bone into the color scheme. The lines are pretty much all done and I think they teal blends in the lines make them look more realistic instead of just going full on white.

I was planning on repainting the older tanks but now I'm not sure. I might just buy new and start from scratch. I think taping them while whole will be a huge pain in the butt and I'll need them open to use the new magnetizing base process. Who knows..  just thinking about it now. Nova also said they are going to allow Forgeworld models in the GT so now I'm in deep thoughts on that. A tough one for sure! bah ..