Wednesday, March 4, 2015

You're quite base..

 I have had these bases sitting on my spray table for awhile and figured I'd knock them out. I really want to start getting stuff knocked out. These will be the bases for the Wraithblades and either the Wraithseer or Wraithlord I plan to work on at some point haha...
 I wanted this base to look like the raised section has lights in the pillar that would light up the stairs. I plan to start working on the Wraithblade's body and I'll be adding a little glow to the section to the leg where it's near the light to make it look a mo special .. 8)
I think this guy will come out looking pretty cool .. Maybe I'll take a little break from the tank for a week haha..  I'm tired of painting them at present. But it is what it is... 8)

But as to the tanks and their blends .. I've had a few people ask me what colors I use on the tank blends. I haven't listed them as it becomes kind of tough as we probably all use different paints and I actually use many brands. I'll go to the art store and if I see a brand that looks promising I'll pick it up to  give it a try. But here's the colors that I use on the blends..

French Blue - Vallejo Air Color (VAC)
Ultramarine - Comm Art (CA)
Cobalt Blue - Dr PhMartin (DPM)
Royal Blue Trans - CA
True Blue - DPM
Titanium White - Golden

They are the base colors but I've made numerous mixtures of those.. As I go along and need to light or darken an area I'll make a blend but the two main blends I've made and bottled for extended use are probably the French Blue and White about 1:1:1 with thinner. and the same for the Ultramarine and White. Once I have those I'll add another color to shift the hue if need be to make the transition smoother. Hope that helps 8)

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