Friday, November 7, 2014

It's a trick... get an Ax.

 I haven't worked on a conversion in awhile and while this isn't crazy by any stretch he does have a much more animated pose. I want my Wraithblades to look more fluid since they should be running up into the mix and chopping people apart.
 I thought the dual Ax look made him look pretty BA.. and when I got the Secret Weapon bases I knew I wanted to have one of them moving up but look like he heard something behind him and was turning back around to crush whatever was fool enough to walk up on him.
 So far no greenstuff on him and he's not even all the way together. I'm going to paint some of the bits separately to make it easier.I cut a sword hand to have him duel wield and had to chop his leg/knee a bit to make the pose work correctly.
The blends take awhile on the Wraithguard (guys chilling in back) so I need to finished them up then start moving onto the other Wraith units..

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