Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tricked out ride..

 Back to work .. Hobby work that is .. 8) My wife picked me up a Wave Serpent for Christmas which I wanted to tweak to make it look stand out. It will also be the first one I paint with the more detailed scheme. Forgeworld has the type II version and I liked that but I liked the Warp Hunter's bits a little more. So I wanted to convert the Warp Hunter's back to fit the Wave Serpent. It required some hacking and cutting but it's coming along. I need to pick up some more Liquid Green Stuff to clean up some of the areas. I used a "Mr. Surfacer 500" on it but wasn't really thick enough to cover the seams I was trying to hide.
 The Warp Hunter fins look very cool and that is want I wanted to use so they will be on there. Now they are just attached with blu tack.
 I'm leaving this mostly apart so it's quicker and easier to detail and mask. I'll be blending the back after I get the back smooth and complete.
The top shot shows the seam and a little section that needs to be sanded down. Next week I should be back to the full post schedule... this week I'm off watching the kids so I'm getting some stuff done at night but posting time is limited haha.. they are taking naps now so I hopped on the computer.. now I'm going to check out some blogs .. I've been almost complete off the blog grid so as not to tempt myself away from the tasks I needed to complete haha..

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