Monday, December 8, 2014

Tier it Up...

 I hope everyone has had a good start to the Holiday season and haven't already started getting stressed out. I've been busy as of late on non hobby related stuff, honestly I haven't even been on in Internetz much. But this weekend I had to cut some stuff for my Daughter's birthday party and I had extra time on the laser so I cut the tiered rack I was working on. I wanted the tiered rack for models and paints so I was trying to combine them together.Originally I wanted it to be in the larger rack as well but there was no decent way to combine them together.

I combined almost three whole shelves to one with the rack. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks and once it's painted it should really look good. I'll be making at least two more to hold additional models.
 I cut the first paint rack with larger holes to see how it worked and for me they are a little too big. But this would hold 60 paints, this will fit GW and P3 paints plus some others. I'll be making smaller holed shelves for Vallejo and Golden which will then hold more paints. I haven't made up those shelves yet to know how many but I'm thinking at least 5 more per level.
 On the small back shelf I added holes for your brushes, files or tools of the correct size.
 Here is a few of the as I put it together pictures. It didn't take too long and when dry is crazy sturdy (due to awesome designing! well probably more for the crazy power of the Gorilla Glue). I figured out a few things I'm going to add to make it even more sturdy but because. It's just a few things and thankfully the first cut was completely successful.
 Tiers for the solid model steps ..
 In process of building..
 Empty paint racks..
 Here is a better shot of the paint brush or tool holder section..
I had to get more MDF and then I had to cut it down to size to use it in the laser cutter. That was over an hour of total awesome fun. No one else was available to help me cut it on the table saw so I had to be careful not to cut off a finger .. so .. fun. You know.. for kids..

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