Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The big ones are actually more dangerous..

In addition to the Wave Serpent I'm also working on an Eldar Super Heavy. The Scorpion is a very cool looking tank and I saw one painted up at Nova so I really wanted to get one painted up. It's all filed and sanded and I'm going to paint this as I paint the Wave Serpent since the colors will be mostly the same.
The Wraithguard I built up is also in there as he needed some priming as well.

 It was a pretty good haul for me this year and I got a bunch of things to paint. Besides some of the 40K mini's I got I also got some Malifaux stuff. I wanted to start a Molly crew so asked for some of the things I'll need to make that crew work. I also asked for the metal Molly model for the time being but hopefully she'll be coming out in plastic soon.
I also got the new Blood Angel Codex which has some nice stuff in it but it's also a little sad that it lost at lot of it's originality. I can at least now stop hearing my friends cry about assault marines as troops haha.. and for me it seems that the assault marine will be ruled out now so the staple from before will be bumped. The way GW usually works it, the Vets will be in a lot more for me and so will the DC. I liked them before but now they can score and will be very destructive. It's not bad but just isn't all that exciting. To me at least...

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