Thursday, October 29, 2015

DreadTober: PumpKan Complete!

 My DreadTober work is now complete. Though while taking the picture I did notice I missed a few of the green lens .. haha..  oh well. It's done for now. I added all the stringy gooeyness last night.. it was quite fun to do. At first I was getting a little nervous but as I went it ended up being pretty fun to do and get some nasty looking results.
 I originally was going to make an in progress pumpkin and a carved one that I could swap in and out but sadly that couldn't be done if I wanted to have gore transfer from pumpkin to saw. I think the gore came out looking cool and I'm pretty happy with it. It's a mix of hot glue and string gel. I still couldn't find anything that worked right for seeds..  so for now they'll have to wait.

 I added a little more flock to the base as I felt it was still a little too sparse. So I added some more pumpkin vines, leaves and soil .. Now I feel it has the correct amount. Sadly my old light box is being used as a spray booth in my new setup and it's making pics look a little off. I'm going to break down and pick up a decent one soon..

 I'm really happy with the weathering and how this came out.. it's definitely one of my most detailed models and I got to try a ton of new weather techniques. So I'm rating this a complete success. 8)

The turn out for DreadTober has been awesome..  it's great to see so many people throw down the gauntlet and take up the challenge. There has been a ton of awesome Dreads completed in the name of the competition! I hope everyone has as much fun as I did making this up and seeing everyone's creativity. The hobby is large and diverse... it's cool to really see how diverse. I love seeing the things people come up with that I would never think of...

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