Monday, November 2, 2015

Raise the Tower

 I've been super busy working on laser cutting stuff. This is the newest addition to the Gantry system, I wanted a T Intersection support. It works the same way the Tower does..  you have 1 .. 2... 3.. 4.. or even none. The guards are at the top of support are are removable. It's a way to mix it up if you don't want another tower ..
 We are sponsoring a local gaming Tournament this Saturday and we wanted to get some of our terrain out there and on the table. If they are going to be used I wanted them to be painted and at least look decent. So far I've only gotten these two pieces painted..  I think they look ok but nothing too insane.
DreadTober has finished and it was a pretty big success.. I've been super busy but I'm trying to get to all the blogs and check them out. There has been so much good stuff out there ...  a lot of people finished up in October and that is awesome but if you didn't get it all finished up no biggy ..  I've posted it on a few sites but DreadTober was about everyone getting together and having some fun. It provided motivation .. it provided people with reasons to get to that model they have been wanting to paint ..  it's sparked a lot of conversation with new friends ...  to everyone who participated, thanks for joining in!!!!! and awesome work..

This weekend was Halloween...  my daughter didn't want to wear her wig so I put it on to try to get her to wear it.. it didn't work .. so ..  behold..   I'm now the new lead singer for the band Love Hammer! .. enjoy  8)

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