Thursday, November 5, 2015

Take the high ground

 A little more work on the Gantry System. The Tournament is this weekend so I've pretty much had to work on this full bore.. After this weekend I can get back to painting some actual models. But I've been working on some more weathering which is cool. I was playing around with the amount of grime and age and it was pretty fun ..  I'm also pretty happy with the look and how they came out for the time spent.

The intersection support allows you to connect from one to four sections. If you don't use a section there is a railing guard piece that can be put in place so it's not just a drop off. You don't have to use them but it looks cooler 8)
 Some of the pics don't have the guards .. showing the with and without. And they also can be used on the standard section to end it.Building it was also kind of fun haha.. but that might just be me 8)
 I'll be adding a set of shorter supports and other pieces to connect to, this is just the beginning! 8)

 I haven't gotten to paint the Towers full so right now they are just gunmetal.. I have four towers to finish by Saturday morning. sheesh ..  haha a ton to get done.
Once I get the towers painted I'll be adding the Gantry System to our website. There are a few things I've noticed from putting them together that I'll be adding. Getting these all together was cool to fully test them..  They are little rough build as I built so many so fast and the painting isn't as nice as I'd like but they look decent 8)

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