Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DreadTober: MO Stuffs

 I got a little work done on the DreadTober work .. I've been trying to spread my time with the lasercutting stuff. But I started playing around with the pumpkin in'Rds .. I had to play around with the amount of string gel and paint .. it was full on experiment mode but I got the mixture so now I'm ready to pumpkin gut up. Though that will be the final step.
 I added more flocking to the base to get it more fall looking..  I'll be adding earth colored powers to the ground, Dread and flocking..  I did soot up the stacks a little and a few other areas..
 I also worked on some of the blue areas..  the lens on the Kan and on the turret that I had completely missed and sadly had to navigate around ..
I played around with the Blue Oxide but also overlaid it with a lot of other colors. I want to finish up the arms and get them ready to attach. Once they are done I'll be soldering iron'n the pumpkin to get the gashes I want then I'll be splashing on the pumpkin guts! It's getting close.. A couple more sessions I'm hoping and it will be mostly done 8)

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