Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fire it up! Fire it up!

Last night I had the urge to start on the DC Squad so I put together a hand flamer guy. I had been using older mini’s primed black as my DC but I’ve been wanting to get an actual squad out there. I love throwing a group of 10 in a drop pod and slamming them right into my enemies face. It’s a first round wakeup call and it affects their game plan from the start. You have to deal with the ticked off madmen, you don’t want them running amuck in your backfield. Typically I’ll drop them in front of a long range squad like Devs, Long Fangs, etc..  for one the pod will block their line of site and I’ll start laying into them with bolters. Hopefully I’ll deal enough damage or at least make them move and that will take them out of the game for at least two turns. I outfit them with bolters for the first round of shooting and a hand flamer if I have the points.  I’m normally expecting them to die right from the get go but they usually last .. punching suckers in the face where ever they go. Last game I played they were the only bright spot, killing two TAC squads plus a few others here and there. I suggest giving it a try .. good times for sure.

Also finished up the Heavy Bolter Team ..  I’m sure there are a few things I could add but I’m happy with them. I mainly wanted to play around with the tarnished/rust of the gun and I think it came out looking good.

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