Friday, December 16, 2011

Red Haze all though my brain ..

Was still in the mood to build some Death Company so I put together two more. I made a few changes but nothing too major. They still need a little green stuff here and there..
The Thunder Hammer wielder .. I chopped his hand and moved it so it was a bit more straight and is now one handed. I also chopped his bolter hand removing the pistol and replacing it with the bolter. Bases will also get some more love but last night I was just getting them posed and together.

Chop master flash .. I wanted him to look super aggressive so gave him double chainswords. Took a DA BP and removed the sword in the skull and chopped off the DA symbols. I added a pack and seals to the BP to add something more to it and gave him a holstered pistol in case someone asked where it was 8).

Fire,. Fire,.  .. He still needed something so I gave him a loin cloth. I think it gave him that little something he needed.

This weekend is going to be busy so don’t know how much I’ll be getting done. Going to NYC for Christmas lights and shopping and then I got a game Sunday .. Going to try out some new dice and a crazy list of stuff I got painted just to make it look nice .. don’t know how competitive it will be though haha.

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