Friday, July 22, 2011

About Time

With Summer here Family time has taken over, I've been working on some things but I just haven't had time to take some pics.

Been working more on the Land Raider, there is still a lot to do. I just started on the details so they aren't done and I have a Rhino I'm going to be using as a test for weathering. I don't want to add any to the LR until I know what it looks like and I'm happy with it.

Here's the Rhino, still needs a little more shading and I'm going to spray on a BA symbol on top and side door. Then I'm going to work on playing with some weather.

And some of the Eldar I've been working on.
A Farseer, So far mainly the main body is mostly done and I've just attached his head. So he still needs a lot of work. I also needed to finish up another Dark Reaper for a game so I painted up this dude pretty quick.

I've also built up another Wave Serpent, Falcon and a Vyper with SC. They are primed along with the Rev's Legs and I'm going to start working on them shortly. I built a 2k Dar list I'm pretty happy with and tested it against my friends Ultras with much success.

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