Friday, October 13, 2023

DreadTober - Power Fist


This week was pretty busy so didn't get to work much on the Dread. I did finish out the power fist and started the repaint of the Volcite to blue instead of the yellow/red. The Volcite is drying so I have the Melta on it for these pictures.

I'm still layering up the base rust so it's getting close to being done. It has a layer drying right now.

He's pretty close to being done.. I'm still figuring out the right shoulder and the left knee pad. Otherwise pretty happy with him.

The DragonForge bases came in so I have been working on those and the EC a bit ..


  1. I really like that shade of blueish green you chose for the Volkite. Looks almost poisonous!

    1. Thanks .. I think it goes way better then the reddish color

  2. That base is amazing, I love it. Not forgetting the amazing heat effect on the Multi-Melta. Solid work all round.