Wednesday, October 4, 2023

10-4 Good Buddy


He's fully based out and blended.. he's blended high and is now gloss cleared waiting for the enamels and oils. I've painted so many Raven Guard at this point I can rock them out in pretty quick order. It will be days of waiting for the layers to dry and then I'll be doing a little more details after ..

Once the enamels are applied it will bring the greys back down into blacks. I should have taken some pics before the gloss was applied but forgot so there is a bunch of shine haha whoops.. He's coming along well.. I'll be working on his arms while the oils dry.

A few more pics of the EC Blades..

More work on the NMM and the Saber .. I want to go with something different for the Charnabal Sabers. I dont just want a power weapon glow. I'm still up in the air as to whether I actually like it though. I dont want it to look like fire which now it really has the feel. Maybe I'll change the colors to see if that helps. Who knows haha.. but at least my Dragonforge bases shipped so they should be here soonish ..  

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  1. Those are some tasty highlights and blends on that dread! Really looking forward to what what the oils and enamels do to the colours.