Friday, September 29, 2023

DreadTober .. It's been a long time..


It's been awhile since I was a part of DreadTober .. Greg and I started it off back in 2017 which feels a bit crazy but I'm very happy that it's still going on. After talking to Marc on my last post I decided I'd take part for 2023. I've been working on building up an Emperors Children force and I was planning on building up another EC Dread but I'm still waiting on DragonForge bases. It's been 3 weeks and it's still processing. So with that being the case I figured I'll whip up a Raven Guard Dread. After playing at Nova it was pretty much a must unit to run so I want to get one worked up to play. This one has Magnets I can swap out the arms...  the other one has dual CC weapons but I want to be able to swap out some guns.

So thankfully I already had a base waiting for him and a ton of weapons.. I put him together and he's now prepped and ready so I'll start rocking and rolling on him next week.

This week I have been working on a squad of Palatine Blades, since I don't have the bases I just kept them on the mold pieces.

Since there is no real timeframe for them I'm just experimenting with them. Right now I'm still playing with the purple and I'm also playing around with NMM golds. I still dont know if I'm liking them haha


  1. I love that Contemptor sculpt – and judging by those beautiful Emperor's Children, this one will look great painted up!

    1. Thanks .. I love this model as well. Sad they retired them all.

  2. Welcome back to DreadTober! Definitely a great sculpt; looking forward to your results.