Friday, September 15, 2023

Nova 2023


Hey all,. Nova has come and gone and it was great making it back and seeing some old friends and making some new ones. The Heresy event was awesome and was happy with the games. Sadly my health was pretty jacked up so I wasn't sure up until even the last minute if I was even going to be able to make it. I made it but was late and missed the first days events. And even though I made a new smaller display just to carry around I wasn't even able to bring it since my foot was so swollen. But here are some of the pictures I got.. again it was smaller pool since I had to keep going up to the room and resting.

The painting comp was way bigger then it had been. Sadly I left before the ceremony so I don't even know if I got into finalist. haha.. normally they put out pins but that didn't seem to be a thing this year. Oh well... no worries.

These are the models I put in .. they were ok but nothing truly amazing. These pictures aren't the finals.. it appears I never took final pictures haha.. but you get the idea.

This is the display that got finished but sadly just sat at home.. 

It ended up being a lot of building and wiring for nothing haha..  maybe next year. 

The events were good but, and I can't believe I'm actually saying this, I missed the old hotel. Sure the elevators were slow but this new place just isn't better. In my opinion at least. Parking is terrible, there is food but not as much or as close as it was to the old place. Food was crazy expensive. I doubt it will happen but I'd be fine with them going back to the old place. Next year I'm really going to have to figure out my plan aand parking. I had to pay 88 dollars for 4 days and that's a large amount not to mention the lot i was in was crazy small. I didn't bring my truck and I'm so glad as I would never have gotten a space. But I dont know how I'd bring my full display in. So I guess I'll see what I want to do.

I was glad to be back though it was fun and nice to BS with people I haven't seen in years... plus I played Zone Mortalis for the first time and was initially not to excited about it but it ended up being my favorite games. Added a whole different play style. Was a little slow as these were my first games of V2.0 of 30K so had to get up on the new reactions and all that. But everyone was super chill and that made for great games. Was also nice seeing some awesome paint jobs. 

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