Friday, October 6, 2023

DreadTober - Powering Up


The base layer of Enamels and Oils have been applied and I'm in the process of layering up the rust on the base. Now it's the details and other other adds I'm debating on. 

I'm on the fence with the Volkite .. not sure if I'm feeling the colors. Kind of the same I was feeling about the red-yellow on the sword. It needs more for sure but I'm in debate on if I like it and should continue haha.. I didn't want to just go with the blue-white glow but I might just have to go back to it. I think the colors are just looking weird together. I don't even know how to explain it..  

The side of the Volkite looks better I think.. but still kinda meh.. I'm also thinking about doing something on the right shoulder. Some freehand or something to add a little more to it. Either way the line there is a place holder.

I'll be adding the blue white to the fist though.. the metal is just too plain. I'm going to go low key on the OSL because the arms are replaceable and the glow would have to move haha...

I'm thinking I'll have him done next week.. depending on how much time I have. I have to make my daughters Halloween Costume so that is going to take some of the time.

The DragonForge bases came in so I can start on the EC dread as well. We'll see if I can rock him out as well but things are going to start getting busy.

The effects for the EX Palatine Blades

Yellow or Green... or something else haha .. 


  1. Looks like really good progress!
    I think the problem with the Volkite could be that the orange colour is to close to the rust accent colours on the base? But I'm not sure what contrasting colour might look better...

  2. I think you are right and I didn't notice how much they blended in .. I'm in the process of swapping it to blue.. I was just wanting something so I think I was pushing the color but it just isn't working haha