Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Banged up but I'm good..

 Hey all,.. A little more work on the Sicaran.. I'm pretty happy with hows it's progressing. I got some more layers of enamels applied and start on some of the oils. The tracks for a good bit of love with layers and some of the wear makes. I'll probably do a little more streaking on it but they are close.
 I added the purple and red lens and they are almost done. I have the tiniest of OSL on the edges .. I don't want it to be much. I'll add a little purple to the gun shields as well.
 The other areas got some more layers as well and some oil streaking but not too much so far.
 I think the auto cannons/turret came out looking good.. I'm happy with the bone colors and the rust and grime on the guns. Pretty much just the water streaks on the turret.

So over all it's close.. I need to powder up the stacks and the base some more but it's getting there. I'll also be adding oil streaks to the body of the tank... I usually use raw umber and blue to give it some color variation and then white for water streaking..  one more painting session and I should be done.

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