Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flyyyyy like an Ea .... urm Serpent....

I was hoping to have this guy all finished up last night but that wasn't the case. He pretty much just needs his Shur Cannon finished and he's done though. He's all Magneted up and looking pretty decent. Once his under slung gun is complete I'll clear him up and he'll be ready to wreck some peeps. Then I need to knock out that Falcon and all my Eldar Tanks will be done for now. When I have them all done up I'll put them all on the table and get a group shot of them. 4 Serpents, 2 Falcons, 3 Prism / Spinners. It's not a ton but I think it looks cool when they are all rolling up together. I do have 2 or 3 more Vypers that are sitting in a box waiting to see the light of day.. maybe soon .. who knows..

After a little trial and error the self made decals are working pretty good for the Dusk Wolves so I might make up a few for the Eldar. When I photoshopped their Icon I wasn't thinking about it being painted on haha..

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