Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pump up the BASE!

I figured I'd post up a basing tutorial that is also a product review. Around Thanksgiving (I think) I was at the art/hobby store (AC Moore) and I saw a product that looked interesting.
FolkArt Texture Paint. It was normally $6.00 but was on a super sale or something and was $2.00. So I picked up 8 of them, they come in numerous colors but I bought black, grey and brown. I went home and based up a mini and was quite impressed! Normally I'd use flock gravel of some sort which looks good but can be messy and falls of easily. You can also make up your own texture paint but this is quick and easy, plus if it's on sale it's very cheap.

I wanted to make something up quick so I grabbed a tele homer and went to work.

Glued and primed.
Texture applied. It's pretty thick so stir it up.

Use an old cheap brush and dab it on the base. It's pretty simple just move it around till you like the look.

Next I painted it a darker grey.Then washed it with black to get the nooks and cranny's. Next I dry brush with a mid then light grey.

And now you can add the normal flock and finishing touches if you like or you can just leave it as it. It looks good enough for table quality and if you want to just knock them out quick you are ready to go.

But if you want them to go further you can add some more and skip buying some resin bases.

An added bonus is its sticky nature. You can glue items on to make the base look that much cool. Just take some old extra bits or cut some new ones and add them to the base..

You can also add some plastic card + bits + texture paint to make it go even farther..


  1. Sure .. figure peeps might like it.. it's quick and easy to make a decent looking base 8)