Monday, February 6, 2012

Light the Fires and Kick the Tires..

I'm working on another Wave Serpent to finish out the 2K list I run. Lately I've had to slip in a Fire Prism to count as, which annoys the OCD in me. I'm actually working on a Falcon as well, I probably won't use it much but want to actually have a standard Falcon that looks decent. I can still remember buying my first Falcon. Wow, its been a long time now. But it took me forever to figure out a paint scheme I actually liked. I repainted that Falcon at least 6 times, I didn't strip it every time so the paint is a bit thicker and not as clean haha .. so I want to have one at least clean looking. The final look I went with was a Tron look, I had watched Tron one night and thought hmmm that could be a cool look so I went with it.

So far the pilots are almost done and I'm getting ready to start outlining it with white. I went with different color accents for each different version. I went with Bone for the Serpents and this one is going to have a little more. I want this one to be the Seer's ride so I'm going to make it a little more detailed.
Wave Serpent - Bone
Fire Prism - Red
Night Spinner - Purple
Falcon - ?? I haven't given it one yet. It was the first one so I didn't think about that at the time. So now I'll give it a color for them.

In my opinion, the Serpent is the best Tank/Transport the Eldar have. For one they don't eat up a slot and two they run TL Weapons. With Eldar having a terrible BS the Falcon just doesn't do it for me. 50 50 chance on a BL is a tough one especially for the price they cost. Serpents also have their Energy Field which is awesome. Prism's having a higher BS is a waste and are only good when running 2.. I'm not wasting 2 heavy slots for that. I do have a healthy respect for the Night Spinner, it's fun to sit back and blast vehicles and squads and watch them kill themselves when they move. But they are more for fun IMO.

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