Monday, February 20, 2012

Your outlook is cloudy..

Old Model Monday! I didn't get a chance to paint much this weekend as I was running a Tournament at the local game store and we had someone pull a no show so I had to step in to fill the slot. It was uber hectic but the Eldar pulled off a Massacre, Minor Victory and Minor Victory. I wasn't playing to win the Tourney but was nice they played well.

I meant to take pictures of the finished Wave Serpent but didn't have the energy. But as I was putting away the minis I just yanked down two older models. A while back I made this Seer based off the Dawn of War PC game. It was the first time playing around with Green Stuff and adding some plasticard onto a mini. I added the warp vains and stones. Looking at him now he could used some love but it's nice to see signs of your progression through the years 8) The backpack is a bit chunky but again it was the first time with GS so it was more trial and error then anything else.

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