Friday, February 3, 2012

Dodge, Parry, THRUST..

 A little more old school. I went through and took some pictures of my old miniatures. I think I painted this guy up somewhere in the early 2Ks. I love the Warlock Models, well some of them at least. But I've always been a fan of this guy. He's ready to deal out some justice ..  Takes me back to when Warlocks were on their own and not an upgrade. Unfortunately I use them very little now which is a shame... I don't use guardians and never have the points left over to add them to a Seer. So they just sit on the shelve waiting for the day they get re-worked into being useful again.

I also took some pictures of the 2nd Gen Hawk Exarch. I love the 1st Gen Hawks but always hated the Exarch. This guy is a little better but the beak mask still looks a bit silly to me. this guys is also from the early to mid 2Ks... you can always tell my older models from the green painted bases .. haha ..

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